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The employee directory works flawlessly on mobile and desktops. Microsoft 365 SharePoint & teams employee directory is an intuitive and easy-to-use Employee Directory application from HR365. Search for any users from employee listing in your organization by name, job title, department, location, etc.

Profile Images can be loaded from Microsoft 365 profiles or from Outlook profiles or photos can be stored in the application. 

Direct Actions & See Organization view

Find employees from the employee directory/ employee listing and call, chat or email them directly from the app which is more comprehensive than any SharePoint contact list. With the new feature, you can configure your preferred call or SIP app. Moreover, you can view the employee’s manager and their direct repartees. You can navigate all top to the bottom hierarchy of the employee.

Employee detailed Information (company photo directory template)– This displays the user’s full details. You can locate the user’s manager, date of birth, and date of joining and display their user profiles just by clicking on their names from the SharePoint contact list.

SharePoint Employee Directory Software Configuration

With the updated release of Employee Directory Modern, you get the option to show/hide various views,
• Change default views for mobile and desktops
• New fields such as date of birth, date of joining,
• QR code, new advance exclude options
• Match your color theme with your Microsoft 365 theme
• Integrate as web pare in SharePoint Intranet pages

SharePoint Contact List Filters & Information

• Regular filters: Name, Location, Title, Department.
• Premium Filters: Free search, Skills, Projects, About   Me,       Hobbies.
• Advance Filters: Custom filters via Azure & Active Directory

Exclude Options in HR Directory 365

Since the Employee directory is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365, it pulls all the licensed, unlicensed, and blocked users and all other service accounts configured as user accounts. Now with advanced exclude options in this employee directory, you can virtually exclude multiple users with a couple of clicks as below
• Exclude users by certain characters in the name
• Exclude users by domains
• Exclude users by departments, title, location, etc.
• Exclude users by ‘blocked users’ 
• Exclude users by hidden in GAL of Microsoft 365 users

Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

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An SharePoint employee directory stores the names, contact, department, location and more relevant information for employees across the enterprise. These databases can be organized by specific teams, offices, or other groupings. Employees can quickly access the directory and find the appropriate contact information for coworkers.

An organized employee directory can benefit both the employees as well as the organization.

From enhancing employee communication to improving onboarding, connecting remote teams, helping people find expertise, and assisting your HR functions, an employee directory can link and bring multiple benefits to all the departments across enterprise.

SharePoint employee directory improves workplace communication and collaboration

SharePoint employee directory builds better relationships at work (making your employees happier)

SharePoint employee directory helps people find expertise

SharePoint employee directory helps your remote teams feel more connected

SharePoint employee directory assists your HR team

When buying a pre-built solution, there’s some features you’ll want to make sure are included.

People search.

Employee profiles.

Org chart.

Office directory.

Skills directory.

Supervisor details

Executive Assistance profile.

Please login as admin in this hr employee directory and go to settings icon which is near org chart on top right corner of the screen.

Please look for on line presence settings -> advance settings & enable user online presence.

Please note this setting will work only if SharePoint API is enabled. To enable, please check advance settings to configure API.

In the employee directory software which is installed on your SharePoint site or Microsoft teams, go to settings -> advance setttings You can remove/hide employees based on domains in exclude Users as well as through exclude Domains column.

Note: Only the site administrator has the right to access it.

You can quickly find employee information, you can restrict certain views from employees, go to the system settings of your employee directory software. You can restrict the listing view of a particular employee by excluding users or even from Exclude Domains column in the settings of your SharePoint contact list app.

Note: Only the site administrator has the right to access it.

Go to System Settings of the employee directory. You can hide employees from the list using the employee name or employee email id in Exclude Users column or Exclude Domains column.

Note: Only the site administrator has the right to access. Incase you need assistance, please click here

Only the site collection administrator or current logged user having an account with that site collection has the right to upload the image.

Yes. You can include hided employee with the following instructions below:

Go to the settings of the employee directory

Click on the Excluded Users List.

Select the employee to again include the hidden employee to view and click on Enable button.

Note: Only the site collection administrator has the right access to the settings page.

Yes. You can forcefully sync data from the tenant for the employee listing / company photo directory template.

Note: Only the site collection administrator has the right access to the settings page.

Yes. Admin has to follow the instructions below:

Click on the Employee icon.

An employee details pop-up will appear.

Click on the Upload image option to upload an image of the employee.

After installing the application, click on the Setting’s gear icon top right corner of the home page. Scroll down to the settings popup, last option you can find a dropdown list for all users called “Update User Roles & Permissions”. Just search the name of the user, and “Update Role” for them. In the dropdown menu you can select either Admin or User.
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