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Fixed Asset and Tracking System


Software & Contract Management


Asset Audit Management

azure asset inventory

Barcoding, Images & Documents

intune asset management

Asset Management Reports


Access Management & Security

Fixed Asset Management System

  • Track location, owner, status, and more.
  • Assign/ Return feature
  • Asset’s lifetime history.
  • Alerts on contract renewals, and more.
  • Link to warranties, manuals, etc.
  • Vendor & purchase details,
  • Reports and Dashboard.
  • In-Active & Expired Assets.
  • Barcode asset management system.

Azure Asset Management with Software & Contract Management

Now you can use asset management software to manage software licenses, service contracts, and cloud application subscriptions along with dynamically pulling assets from Microsoft Intune. This office 365 asset management assigns contracts/software to users, teams & locations.

Leverage workflow engine to automate the contract renewal process with the option of renewal of contracts, cloud applications & software.  Now with azure asset management app, you can maintain your azure asset inventory/

IT & Physical Asset Management System with Audits

You can use the Asset management software for Microsoft software asset management which is a cumbersome process to manage and report licenses in excel sheets. With the audit feature of asset management software, you can check the lifecycle of the asset to know on which day/month this asset was assigned to compare the usage of assets.


By using this Microsoft asset management, you can audit the assets be it hardware assets, software licenses, or contracts at any given time using the asset audit feature. Asset tracking system audit program that helps in finding idle assets and to plan action accordingly. Contact us for the demo to know more about this fixed asset management feature.

With global asset management software, you can generate barcodes and QR directly and track the same with the barcode tracking system in asset tracking app. Scan bar codes using mobile, scanners to check the details of assets. Furthermore, you can attach all the relevant documents of the asset such as manuals, user guides, support contact, etc.

For the asset users and with one level security up for commercial & purchase type documents. With this function makes office asset management software almost free asset management software. Stay tuned for new functions as Intune asset management

Barcoding, Images & Documents with Asset Tracking App

Global Asset Management Software - Reports

Now keep a record of your assets using various reports available within this global asset management software with :
  • Export in excel.
  • Change the order of columns.
  • Remove columns.
  • Add custom columns.
  • Various reports of assigned, inventory, expiry date, and purchase.
  • Enhanced search and filters.

Intune Asset Management

Tightly integrated with Office 365, Azure AD & Active Directory for easy and quick user management. No more new username and password in this online asset management. Now everything is done within Office 365 cloud, no new or additional third party clouds which helps in controlling the data in your cloud. Asset Management Plus provides much better and higher security control on any other free asset management software or asset management system. Now  sync assets from Intune using azure asset inventory in this app.

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Some of our clients

Some of Our Clients

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Asset Management Software is the business initiative for retrieve budget and maximizing value by automating procurement of assert, usage and deployment of licenses along with subscriptions. For many organizations, Asset Management Software is a tactical approach to balance the number of software licenses or any assert purchased with the number of actual licenses or assert consumed or used. This means there are a abundance of reasons why asset management software is important. Wherever you are in the process of implementing Asset Management Software in your business,this would provides information to help the organization to go further, quickly and easily. It will help the organization to develop a vision for Asset Management Software at the company, partner with your stakeholders.

Asset Management Software, reduces software and support costs by negotiating volume contract agreements and eliminating or reallocating underutilized software licenses Improve worker productivity by deploying the right kinds of technology more quickly and reliably. Limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software by automating IT processes such as inventory tracking and software deployment. Imagine you’re an IT executive at a top software company. and the organization uses software from hundreds of vendors, spanning both on-premises to cloud solutions.


One of your top initiatives is to save budget and cut expenses. In order to do so, you must understand which software licenses you’re paying for and then what percentage of those licenses are actually being used. With most organizations shifting to cloud-based software that can be purchased and accessed without IT’s explicit approval, the task of identifying licenses and usage has become increasingly difficult. This is where software asset management can help. Asset Management Software can help to identify the number of licenses have for each software vendor.


It can then provide with the number of empty or unused seats allowing to gauge overall usage in the organization. From there, the respective departments could renegotiate the contract with the vendors whose licenses you aren’t fully utilizing and redistribute those licenses to people in the organization who really need them. Simply put, Asset Management Software allows the

organization to maximize their investment on the software products.

Yes, you can install multiple instances of the application as long as it is in one Microsoft 365 tenant and total number of users of all the instances installed remain within the user limit as per your plan or license you purchased.

Yes, this global asset management software can be used as construction asset tracking or construction equipment management software or construction inventory management software or construction equipment maintenance software. It has all the features to address need of construction equipment and tools. you can track the equipment / tools based on sites. You can track the items which are under maintenance also set the contract expiry dates.


There is no specific construction equipment management software or construction inventory management software as these applications are industry neutral and

provide a good amount of customizations to suit need of construction industry and act as construction asset management software or

construction asset tracking app. Equipment tracking or maintenance tracking software feature also is helpful construction sites or job sites of construction companies.

Asset Management transforms technology data into actionable intelligence, empowering IT to effectively manage, govern and optimize their hybrid IT estate. Discover software and hardware, reduce risk and spend through optimization and control shadow IT. Spreadsheet or excels could create chaos and decrease service tickets. Facts and policies could reduce confusions. Keep a track of what you have, invest only on what organization require. Streamline with vendor and regulatory audits. Technology insights are required with hybrid IT environment.

This global asset management software is perfect for for Asset management for schools and it works well in tracking all the IT, fixed and physical assets in organized

manner. Organized assets with school inventory management system / school asset management software or asset management software for schools brings

transparency and help in locating unused assets hence saves cost and effort. Also it helps in reallocating assets whenever there is a change in role of the person.

Fixed asset inventory

can be well managed in this fixed asset manager or facility asset management software.

With advancements of Microsoft 365 and latest tools from Power platform such as Power Automate, Dataverse, etc enabled SharePoint and Office for strong and secure platform to be used other than storing confidential documents. In fact Fortune 500 companies are using Power platform for various line of business apps including fixed asset manager, fixed assets management, now you can track asset data, iot devices, mobile devices, management software licenses quickly and save time by single sign on access available in HR365’s asset management app.


This web based / cloud based asset management software etc. also helps in accessing real time data of hardware and software without waiting for various spreadsheets. Also you can manage complete facility with this facility asset management software. Regulatory compliance is no more headache with real time data availability. with this fixed asset inventory / fixed asset tracking,

Asset Management 365 license works on the number of count of users to whom the assets are assigned and the users who have a role in the application i.e. admin, supervisor, asset manager, etc. Multiple assets could be assigned to single users (at the client’s end). In any instance, clients could go up to 5,000 assets allocated for 1000 users. In case the number of assert moves over the 5000 limits, clients have to reach our support team to avail the request alternatively, contact us at [email protected].

Asset Management 365, as this is a Microsoft Teams and SharePoint app, all the data of the application resides within the your office 365 tenant and HR365 does not have any access or control over the data of its clients. Keeping the data secure is the highest priority of any organization and we at HR365 understand and build solutions to meet elevated level of security standards. For more information, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or visit our privacy policy

Yes, our application, seamlessly integrates with Intune, SCCM, Alloc8, and KACE, Power Apps, Power Automate, and many more other apps, please feel free to write us at ist(at) in case you have any query in this regard.

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Asset Management 365
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Global asset management software and IT fixed asset tracking system. Sync Intune. Use for IT, fixed, school, education and construction industries.

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