Civic 365 - 311 CRM: Citizen Experience Management- Your Gateway to Efficient Citizen Engagement

Transform service delivery and citizen engagement with Civic 365, a Microsoft 365-based cloud solution. Combine digital and self-service channels for exceptional service. Increase efficiency, lower costs, and boost staff performance and workplace morale

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Citizen-Focused, Service-Oriented

Citizens are now the priority. Globally, there is a growing emphasis on enhancing citizen interaction and their experiences with public services. Influenced by the private sector, citizens’ expectations are shifting, making digital transformation essential to engagement strategies.

Elevate your public services by providing digital offerings tailored with the citizen’s perspective in mind.

Transforming Citizen Service Request Management​

Civic 365 offers a revolutionary approach to managing citizen service requests. Our platform, anchored by a robust 311 CRM system, delivers streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly online solutions fully integrated with key local government applications. Powered by Microsoft 365 and Azure, Civic 365 makes tracking, reporting, and optimizing citizen issues effortless.

Key Features:

  • Quick Deployment: Easy roll-out of new service request types with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: A robust, searchable database at your fingertips.
  • Omni-Channel Citizen Portal: A mobile-enabled, self-service platform for citizens.
  • Call Centre Integration: Seamless connectivity with your existing call centre systems.
  • Versatile Reporting: Dynamic reporting functionalities for enhanced insight and decision-making.

Streamlining Government-Citizen Interaction

  • Automated Routing: Efficiently categorizes and assigns requests basedon location and type.
  • Automatic Escalation: Based on pre-set service level agreements for timely responses.
  • Duplicate Management: Pre-empts duplicate submissions for streamlined processing.
  • Two-Way Communications: Enables direct and prompt updates or follow-up questions to residents.
  • Internal Commenting: Facilitates team discussions on resolutions without external visibility.
  • Report Card Monitoring: Evaluates performance against service level agreements.

Enhancing Community Engagement

Our 311 CRM solution empowers residents to report non-emergency issues, share feedback, and request community information easily. It simplifies and streamlines workflows for government staff, fostering a collaborative and stronger community environment.

  • Mobile Integration: Reduces calls with an intuitive mobile app, allowing residents to report issues on-the-go.
  • Increased Engagement: Encourages active community participation by involving residents in meaningful dialogues.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with existing government technology solutions.

Join the Smart City Movement with Civic365

Cloud security & privacy are at the heart of our solutions. We believe in a zero-trust policy and build solutions where our clients retain control of all the app’s data within their cloud.

As an active member of Microsoft’s Partner group and a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Civic 365 leverages extensive experience with Microsoft to deliver excellence in government solutions. Our expertise in the public sector and deep understanding of Microsoft 365 tools uniquely position us to provide high-value solutions for next-generation cities.

Ready to Elevate Your Citizen Experience?

Explore our government technology solutions today and redefine how your community interacts with local government services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Civic365 offers a revolutionary approach to managing citizen service requests. Our platform, anchored by our robust 311 CRM system, delivers streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly online solutions, fully integrated with key local government applications. Powered by Microsoft 365 and Azure, Civic365 makes tracking, reporting, and optimizing citizen issues effortless.

A 311service request system or Civic Engagement means a platform or focus used by municipal governments for residents to report issues that aren’t emergencies or to seek municipal services. It serves as a counterpart to the emergency number 911, which is strictly for critical situations. 

This service can be used for a variety of non-urgent matters, such as notifying the city about road defects, lodging complaints about disturbances, or inquiring about municipal amenities like waste removal or road cleaning. The 311 system aims to offer a single, accessible point of contact for community members to reach out to city officials and ensure their concerns are managed efficiently. 

Enhancing civic engagement is fundamental to sustaining a robust democracy and ensuring a truly representative government. Recognized barriers like the under-representation of certain groups often lead to skewed priorities, whereas issues with higher voter turnout are prioritized.  

To counteract this imbalance and incentivize inclusive participation, governments must adopt digital strategies that provide easy, user-friendly access to public policy information.  

Embracing digital adoption in government is not just about availability it’s about making civic information accessible and engaging for all. By automating engagement and simplifying access to information, we can empower citizens and encourage a more active and educated voter base, driving up civic engagement in the digital age. 

Civic 365 stands out as the premier civic engagement platform tailored for the government sector. Civic365 is built on the Microsoft 365 platform to revolutionize your digital-first customer service approach. It streamlines citizen interactions by providing both assisted and self-service channels, fostering increased engagement across a multitude of services.  

Civic 365 platform prioritizes self-service capabilities, allowing citizens to connect with more facts like location and select correct categories / subcategories to get faster resolution.  

With its low-code/no-code setup, Civic 365 grants you the agility to quickly introduce new services or adapt current offerings, simplifying the path to enhanced citizen engagement. 

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