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Paperless & Effort Less Office 365 HR System Apps

HR365 – Office 365 HR system – Paperless, effort less, HR management solution with no more new login ids and passwords. HR365 – SharePoint human resources management system which is an application suite of Office 365 HR apps helps you in managing direct & extended HR operations, including IT, Finance & facility help desk such as employee on-boarding, employee separation, leave management, asset management, expense reimbursement, payroll, employee directory, time tracker and various similar operations of HR. With a user-friendly interface, These Microsoft hr solutions have different modules that can scale to meet different organization needs.

Employee On-boarding

HR365 On-boarding experience leads to pleasure experience for new joinee as well as no burden on HR team. With the help of Office 365 HRMS Products , there is no more paper work, employees integrate into their teams quicker, and HR teams can focus on the people coming on board rather than working on multiple tasks with our Office 365 HR System

Employee Directory Plus

Employee Directory Plus which is a part of SharePoint human resources management system, displays employee information in in visually manner and allows you to find any user in just few seconds, with departments, skills, Job title, manager, location, etc. filters, you can retrieve important information on the fly in. Now in updated version you get three different views to suit your needs and it comes with QR code to scan and save on your mobile phone using office 365 hr system apps.

Time-Off Manager Plus

Office 365 time-off manager solution is an integral part of our SharePoint human resources management system can address leave management needs of any organisation, be it small or big. It can also easily be integrated with other HR365 cloud solutions such as payroll on cloud and time and attendance system. Office 365 leave management system does not require additional infrastructure in

Timesheet Plus

Timesheet Plus is office 365 timesheet app that is powerful, yet easy to use with functions like time sheets, daily projectized and operational tasks, weekly reports linked with project and companies. Task and time is taken care without any worries of maintaining additional cloud, logins, credentials and data security issues as it works on your Office 365 framework.

XDesk 365 – Helpdesk for the organization

Office 365 Help Desk Plus is simple & customizable central part of our SharePoint human resources management system which is Office 365 hosted help desk software, that ensures your organization can handle every issue properly. Assign every ticket to a specific team team so there is no confusion about who should be working on which ticket. HR365 helpdesk offers different ticket views to help you automatically organize your tickets based on priority, category, time, status, or groups. Teams like yours can provide support across IT, HR, legal, finance and more.

Asset Management Plus

HR365 SharePoint Office 365 Asset Management Plus application is highly configurable and easily customizable to suite your needs and it is built on SharePoint platform and fully integrated on Office 365 and linked with employees and departments. The cloud-based solution allows businesses to track their assets throughout the entire lifecycle,from procurement to retirement, and all from one central system.

Expense Reimbursement Plus

Save time managing your expenses with our easy to use HR365 expense reimbursement plus solution. Managing expenses becomes a streamlined and paperless process with our one of the best Office 365 hr system products from HR365 apps suite.

Employee Self Service

HR365’s approach to SharePoint Self Services provides our clients with a highly responsive team of subject matter experts, comprehensive coverage and predictable costs. As part of our SharePoint Managed Services, we assume responsibility for proactively monitoring, managing, and supporting your Microsoft SharePoint environment on a 24×7 basis. We provide comprehensive services in order to ensure that your users are able to work efficiently and without disruption. Office 365 applications development is done in India & USA

Office 365 HRMS Payroll Management

Office 365 HRMS Payroll management is a crucial function of any successful organization. Due to a large number of calculations and statutory compliance requirements, payroll needs to be managed efficiently to keep the employee satisfaction high as well as senior management stress free.

Document Management System

HR365 Document Management System enables HR to go paperless with full life cycle of all of your employees from the time of onboarding to the time of offboarding and later for any compliance needs. Further more you can bring all of your existing data to one central place be it emails, PDF, word, excel or any other format using office 365 hr system

Resource Booking Plus

Resource Booking Plus manages shared resource and keeping track of their usage. When user requests from resources, company spend on buying multiple resources and there is no effective way to track & analyse the usage i.e. who is using the most, when it is used & when it is idle. This SharePoint resource booking system / SharePoint reservation template provides ideal solution to this problem and automate many operational tasks.
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