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Ready to transform your hiring journey? Boost your recruitment productivity with our advanced Microsoft Recruitment software. Our recruitment management 365 is fully automated that will help you in applicant tracking system, improved candidate quality and time-to-hire reduction. 

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Now Recruitment Management 365 App is Available on Microsoft Teams

Key features of our Microsoft recruitment software:

  • Publishing and distributing job postings on multiple platforms. 
  •  Application Tracking System (ATS) for candidate management. 
  •  Candidates find tools that include social media integration.  
  • Automatic filter according to predefined criteria. 
  •  Planning and coordination of meetings. 
  •  Integrated tools for recruiting. 
  •  Publishing and analysis of recruitment guides.  
  • With the onboarding system.  
  • Employers and candidates can access via mobile devices.  
  • Comply with rules, regulations, and information security with our advanced recruitment management system 

Utilize Application Tracking System to Boost Hiring

  • Centralize candidate information for easy access and management. 
  • Our recruitment HRM software will Evaluate the settings and modify automatically 
  •  Integration with job boards for seamless posting and filing. 
  •  Look for candidate progress throughout the hiring process. 
  •  Adjust your workflow to fit your company’s hiring process. 
  •   Facilitate recruitment team coordination for evaluation and feedback. 
  •  Communicate with candidates about their applications. 
  •  Create recruitment reports for analysis with our Microsoft recruitment software.  
  • Ensuring information security through compliance with laws and regulations 

Interactive checklists.

Using Interactive Checklists in our Recruitment Management system you can improve your hiring process by customizing task lists that are tailored to the specific requirements at each stage of the hiring process. These flexible checklists guarantee a proactive and responsible hiring process by giving a real-time overview, facilitating task assignments, and monitoring progress. With the addition of collaborative tools and alerts for notifications, they facilitate open communication among team members. These checklists in our recruitment software are mobile-friendly and have analytics capabilities for deep insights, are revolutionizing organization and efficiency in the field of hiring.  

Compliance and Document Management

In the field of Recruitment Management, the integration of Compliance and Document Management guarantees strict adherence to legal standards. With our online recruitment management system, you can organize and secure storage of candidate documents, simplifying the tracking and management of essential paperwork. This integrated feature streamlines processes, ensuring seamless compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining the utmost security for sensitive candidate information.  

Customizable Workflows

Give up on your restrictive hiring process! Using our Recruitment Management system you can adhere customizable processes, by creating the hiring process you’ve always wanted for every position. Customize phases, actions, and steps to provide a seamless, effective flow with that you can Adapts everything, maintains team cohesion, and streamlines the hiring process from start to finish!    

Analytics and Reporting

Forget guessing! Our Recruitment Management tool and analytics show you exactly how your hiring works. See things like how fast you hire, how much it costs, and where the best talent comes from. This information helps you hire smarter and faster with low cost by making whole process easier! 

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Organizations can customize the hiring process to meet their specific needs by implementing our online recruitment management system for configurable processes. Our workflows help in customized steps and stages, improve the effectiveness of managing candidate pipelines, and promote flexibility in response to a range of recruitment needs. Our software’s flexibility guarantees smooth teamwork, maximizing the whole recruitment process. The software’s customized approach results in a more efficient and successful talent acquisition process, ultimately satisfying the unique needs of the company.  

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Boost your recruitment productivity with our advanced Microsoft Recruitment software. Our recruitment management 365 is fully automated that will help you in applicant tracking system, improved candidate quality and time-to-hire reduction.

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  • Recruitment Management 365 App is Available on Microsoft Teams
  • Interactive checklists.
  • Compliance and Document Management
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
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