Timesheet Work time tracker app

This Microsoft office 365 timesheet app, time tracking cloud application is ideal for small to medium-sized and enterprise companies that need to have detailed information on who spends time and what they are doing in the projects and as a basis for billing customers or streamline their operational productivity. Users can easily report time divided on the projects and activities that are registered and at the same time has an overview of the previous reported activities through this timesheet work time tracker. Since the timesheet can be viewed both on a and weekly basis, it is really simple for the user to get an overview of all time registered as perfect time tracker for work hours.

Time Tracking

We believe that timetracker365 reporting should be as easy as possible not only for the users recording time on projects and activities but also for the managers wanting reports/statistics from the reported time.

Projects: Create and manage your projects and project activitie from timesheet plus itself.
Record time in daily / weekly view: Week by week or daily based time sheet enables quick and easy registration of time spent on projects.
Reports with Flexible filter: View, print or export reports. Several different reports with flexible filtering possibilities are available in work time tracker app.

Approval Process

Office 365 Sharepoint time tracking application’s approval offers a simple timesheet approval process. When users mark a task  completed or changes the progress from 0% – 100% or complete the weekly timesheet, manager or approver can review the time recording and approve the recorded time. When a day is approved the selected user cannot register or change time entries for that task or week. Whats more now you can approve time sheets from mobile with fully responsive & mobile layouts in timesheet plus. To know more about SharePoint timesheet office 365 & timesheet plus office 365, request for demo.

Projects & Clients

Timesheet plus, timesheet tracker allows you to create customers, projects, billable or non billable, hourly rate which helps in billing client for their respective projects. Also all the project documents can be stored for any reference as and when needed from sharepoint time tracking / work time tracker app
  • Manage & track projects virtually anywhere from timesheet plus.
  • No limit on number of projects or clients.
  • Timesheet stopwatch/timer.
  • Run real-time reports with download to Excel.
  • Auto approval of timesheet option


For the Project managers or employee managers, it is easy to get an overview of how much time that has been registered on a project or activity and time registered by a specific user.  Also run real-time reports, with ability to export to Excel from SharePoint timesheet tracker application. There is also a number of reports in the timesheet work time tracker, for example reported time per month, week, all projects etc. time spent by all the team members for a project, time spent by a team member on multiple projects. Billable and non billable time. Employee & Project daily, weekly and monthly report from office team timesheet application.

Access & Security

Access Management & Security tightly integrated with Office 365, SharePoint, Azure AD & Active Directly for easy and quick user management. In this work time tracker app, no more new username and password. Now all the timesheets and time tracking is done within Office 365 cloud, no new or additional third party clouds which helps in controlling the data in your cloud. Timesheet Plus & Timetracker plus provides much better and higher security control on any other Microsoft software asset management or any other time tracker for work hours application.

Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

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An employee can get his task details in My Task tab.

Go to Home page.

Select My Tasks tab.

Choose a task by selecting the checkbox for which you want to track the time and click on Track Time once you start the task. This task would be added in Daily Timesheet.

Once you finish working on the task, click on Stop button. Total time worked on that task will be calculated and displayed.

Go to Home page.

Select Timesheet tab. Under that select Weekly Timesheet.

Select the week for which you want to add your projects & task details and click on Add button.

Select the Project, Task and Activity Type from the dropdown list and fill the time spent on a particular task for a selected week, which will automatically calculate the Total hours spent.

Yes, you can clone previous week’s timesheet to the new timesheet if you have worked on the same project & task.

Go to Home page.

Select Timesheets tab.

Choose Clone Weekly Timesheet tab and then click on Clone button.

Project will be added to your Weekly timesheet.

You can mention the time spent for a particular task on each day of the week and click on Submit button.

Go to Home page.

Select the Task tab.

Once the pop-up opens, choose the Project, and enter the Task Name for the respective project.

Then click on submit button. This task would be added into the task list which will fetch while entering your daily timesheet.

Go to Reports tab and in the drop-down, select My Teams tab.

Select the Team members tab. Here you can check your team members and their projects they are working on.

Select the Assign Task tab.

Once the pop-up opens, select the project name and task name and choose a person to whom you want to assign to and click on Submit.

Select the Approval tab. Choose any one from the Daily or Weekly timesheet tab.

Select a particular day or a week containing project and task details of the employee and click on Approve or Reject button.

No, only Admin has the right to access it.

Go to Administrator tab, select Project.

Once pop-up opens, fill all relevant details and Submit it.

Go to Settings, Select Organisation tab.

Once the pop-up opens, fill-in your organisation details and can add different branch locations also here.

After logging into application, please click on Settings tab on the side-navigation.

In Settings, choose the Pre-defined Themes or you can define your Custom-Themes.

Go to Administrator tab, select Clients.

Once pop-up opens, click on Add button.

You can fill all the client details, and their contact details. If they have documents, you can also attach it.

Once done, you can click on submit button.

A Project Observer can view all aspects of a Project. Observers cannot make any changes to the project. Project Observer is a read-only role.