Employee onboarding software using Office 365

Employee onboarding software using Office 365, employee Onboarding platform experience leads to pleasurable experiences for the new hire as well as no burden on HR team. With the help of employee onboarding tools, there is no more paperwork, employees integrate into their teams more quicker.


HR365 stores offer letters, employee credentials, and employee handbooks online (digital employee onboarding) in Office 365’s secure storage, hence eliminating the need of storing confidential data on any third-party servers with Microsoft lists employee on boarding template.

Employee onboarding software

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Hire employee online with digital employee onboarding

Microsoft forms employee onboarding starts accepting the offer, all the HR actions are managed from the HR365 employee onboarding app, be it filling online employment form, or providing education and experience credentials. This Microsoft teams employee onboarding app helps in informing the right information at the right time with no surprises of pending tasks on the date of joining of a new hire, automated workflows help in reminding and alerting the IT team, admin team, hiring manager, and of course HR team as well.

Automate hiring in employee onboarding platform

With this SharePoint employee onboarding workflow, the new hire data syncs automatically with the rest of the Office 365 platform, eliminating the need for manual or duplicate data entry. When you hire a new employee, their information is instantly added to every app on your HR365 dashboard, including leave management, expense tracker, employee directory, asset management, and performance management along with SharePoint sites and Microsoft teams.

Employee self service portal to complete joining

Employees hired through sharePoint employee onboarding template aka HR365’s employee onboarding app, complete the onboarding process online even before & during the first day on the job — from accepting and signing offer letters to employment forms, introducing to their managers, team, etc.

HR & Employee checklists

With this employee onboarding platform, create a checklist of the tasks to be done by HR team and a separate checklist for the employee. employee onboarding tools checklist helps in ensuring that all the activities are completed on time and there are no surprises or compliance concerns going forward.

Integration & reporting with employee onboarding solutions

HR365 employee onboarding platform can integrate with any existing line of business applications or it can connect to any payroll software which can connect using API. Further, you can also set up your own workflows using microsoft’s popular Power Automate and integrate with any of your organization’s Power Apps. Along with existing reports, you can build your own reports using Power BI.

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How do you count user license in employee onboarding 365 application. Any user who is onboarded using application, via bulk upload, HR, admin, hiring manager or any other roles who interact with application for approvals or any other activities, are counted towards user licenses. Employee onboarding application provides self-service for the onboarded employees, maintain their documents digitally and send reminders based on selected tasks and reminders.

Employee onboarding Software is the first communication an employee has with the organization soon after the long interview journey process and:
Employee onboarding software can help streamline the process of onboarding new employees. This could save organization business time and money by reducing the amount of time taken and swifts to get a new employee up to initial phase and productivity. Employee onboarding software can help in ensuring that new employees receive the information they need in a consistent and organized manner. It helps in reducing confusion or frustration and ensure everyone is on the same page from the word start. 


Employee onboarding software can help create a more standardized onboarding experience for all employees. It reduces the turnover and improve the internal employee satisfaction. Onboarding software can help you track the progress of each individual employee during the onboarding process. This information can be used to identify areas where employees are struggling and need additional support. 


It can help to customize each employee’s onboarding experience based on their needs and preferences. This allows to create a more personalized and effective onboarding experience for everyone involved. So, streamlining employees with the employee onboarding process is not only to impresses new employees however, also to reduces the workload of the HR team and other teams across the organization. To know more on how to set MS out of the box site collection templet for onboarding: Link

Yes, you can install multiple instances of the application as long as it is in one Microsoft 365 tenant and total number of users of all the instances installed remain within the user limit as per your plan or license you purchased.

To avoid last-minute confusion and compliance issues, we need to have a rock-solid employee onboarding process. Here’s what an efficient employee onboarding software or employee onboarding platform does: Gives a clearly outlined onboarding template Minimizes the made by paperwork Shortens the employee onboarding lifecycle Reduces manual intervention and human errors Lessens the workload of the HR team Provides a consistent experience to all new hires Injects transparency into the process flow Offers the employees a memorable onboarding experience

First stepping stone: Releasing of offer The employee onboarding process starts soon after the recruitment process is completed. Once a candidate is selected, an HR team shares a warm welcome email with a few essential documents like the offer letter, new hire welcome packet, links to fill out digital employee onboarding forms, and policy documents. Reaction from the New hire: Offer Acceptance or denial Once the new hire accepts or denies the offer, as the best practice the organizations should schedule a quick call to review the digital employee onboarding forms, benefits, and policies, and set expectations. Keeping the new hires engaged will affirm their choice to accept the offer. 

Upon receiving positive feedback on the offer, it is important to kick-start the employee orientation. Waiting period: Critical period It is very important to know if the new hire just accepted the offer, but it doesn’t promise that they’ll turn up for the date of joining. During the waiting period, the employee might be open to offers from other potential employers as well. So, it is very crucial for the organization to build a good rapport with the new hire. Let the new hire know they’re valued. It is essential to have a plan during their waiting period while the employee onboarding process. Last milestone: The day of joining On the first day, most new hires have mixed emotions. They feel anxious, happy, excited, and nervous at the same time. So, the primary duty of HR managers is to ensure that the new hires feel welcome and comfortable. Having a handy employee onboarding checklist will relieve the stress of HR staff. Here are a few things to do before the day of joining: Keep the orientation schedule ready Assign IT assets (workstation, email access, etc.) Obtain necessary office supplies (furniture, keys, access card, etc.) 

Set up a salary account Assign a mentor or go-to-person who can help the employee settle down Coordinating with other departments It is essential to coordinate with key stakeholders (co-workers and managers) and notify them of the start date of the new hire via the employee onboarding platform. Training and orientation sessions give the new hire an overview of the organization’s culture and an insight into company OKR. This phase offers new hires relevant information about the teams within the company, team processes, and company policies. This is the right time to set role-based goals and objectives for the next
30/ 60/ 90 days to show the new hires what they need to focus on. First bridge: The first quarter 

The major objective of this period is to review the expectations of the organizations and the employee and ensure they match. This phase needs to be filled with active dialogues about the progress and continued efforts of the new hire in becoming an integral part of the organization.

No matter how big the organization are, The HR leaders tend to have too much on their plates. They spend enough time scavenging for the right resources, and by
the time the onboarding starts, they are downright exhausted. Rather than adding to their fatigue by forcing them to do things the old-fashioned way, automating with employee onboarding software or employee onboarding tools reduces their workload by a considerable amount.
Using employee onboarding software, can ditch the onboarding checklist and forms and eliminate manual dependency in the employee onboarding process.
With a digital onboarding experience using online employee onboarding app at work, they don’t have to chase after new hires and managers to complete the tasks

assigned to them.

A good employee on boarding software or onboarding programs should give new employees a sense of motivation to explore the new company culture compare to

traditional onboarding . Learn with our employee onboarding tools, new hires can spend less time buried under paperwork and use more time towards

understanding the organizational values, exploring the workplace, and making new friends.

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