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Mail Box Steps to RUN PowerShell Script 1) PowerShell Version Please use below command to check PowerShell Version. Get-Host | Select-Object Version 2) Update PowerShell Version If PowerShell Version less than 5, Please install the following Windows Management Framework 5.1 .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or newer) Download link for the above software’s .NET Framework 4.5.2 – Windows Management Framework 5.1- 3) Restart Machine […]

User photos aren’t synced from the on-premises Active Directory to Employee Directory Plus after selecting Sync Outlook profile pictures.

User Photos Aren’t Synced From The On-Premises Active Directory To Employee Directory Plus After Selecting Sync Outlook Profile Pictures. PROBLEM When Sync profile photos from Outlook is selected, Employee Directory Plus syncs photos from outlook profile pictures. When you change an Office 365 user’s photo by accessing that user’s on-premises information / Active Directory / […]

Update Mobile Numbers in Employee Directory Plus Using Power Shell Script

Update Mobile Numbers In Employee Directory Plus Using Power Shell Script Sync Mobile Phone properties from Azure Active Directory to SharePoint Online User Profiles / Employee Directory Plus Staring version 1. 4. 7. 200517, you can make the change from the settings panel under Display options. For older versions, please refer to this article. Microsoft […]

Admin Guide – Employee Directory

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User Guide – Employee Directory

Employee Directory Plus Installation and User Manual Guide Once installation has been done from SharePoint store, you can see activation slider popup on screen. There you can find “Activate now” text, just click on it. It will be redirect to “Activation” popup. Here, you can fill the activation detail along with email id (company email) […]

FAQ – Employee Directory

FAQ – Employee Directory Why I don’t see the skype for business status of my colleague? You have to open application with internet explore browser and trust the domain, then you can able to see your colleague lync presence. Note: SharePoint online lync presence will work only in IE browser. How to exclude employee based […]

Demo – Employee Directory

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