Still managing assets in excel sheets or silo applications?

Manage your fixed, IT and software assets using HR365 Asset Management

Employee Directory

HR365 - Trusted by over 450+ customers worldwide

Fixed and azure asset management software for your software,
IT and non-IT assets

Assets availability

Quick search to check availability of assets.

Request assets

Allow users to check the available assets​

Category & subcategory of assets

Categorize & Sub categorize of asset for accurate planning and reports ​


Notifications on when assets are assigned, returned, acknowledged & assets are about to end the term or warranty.

Quick glance on available inventory & checked out assets

Configurable columns​

Re-arrange, rename or add custom columns

Searchable inventory

Easy search of your assets ​

Drill down to details

Click to open asset details, documents and more. ​

Location of assets ​

Remove ex employee & generic accounts quickly ​

Assets depreciation – calculation & reporting

Bar code & QR code

● Unique bar code and QR code fields attributes for assets.

● Set what information to showcase through QR code scan.

● Scan barcodes/QR codes instantly within app.

Assets reports

● Various filters to get the desired report.

● Ready to be used with Power BI.

● Export to excel

● Create a report view and save for routine use.

Asset Management Plans


Asset Management

$ 899 billed yearly

Asset Management

$ 1,299 billed yearly

Asset Management

$ 1,999 billed yearly

Asset Management


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