Recruitment Management Plus

Managing shared resource and keeping track of their usage is a challenging job, with requests from employee, company spend on buying multiple resources and further there is no effective way to track and analyse the usage i.e. who is using the most, which time of the day most of the time it is used, when it is idle mostly. We have an ideal solution for this problem, SharePoint resource booking app. SharePoint resource booking app will provide you the booking feature for shared resources i.e. conference rooms, meeting rooms, projectors, cabs, guest house rooms, etc.

Features of the SharePoint Resource Booking Application

  • Admin can categorize various resources of same type under different categories.
  • Ability to name different categories as per the need.
  • Link the resources with Asset Management System.
  • Filter available meeting rooms by location, available resources and services, and more.
  • Be alerted if some or all requested dates and times can be accommodated for recurring meetings.
  • Browse and view a list of meetings currently happening.
  • Email Alerts 15 / 30 minutes before start of the event.
  • Cancellation of the booked resources.

Office 365 Payroll Management’s Features

  • Integration with employee directory to fetch all the relevant information related to user and administrator of the resource.
  • Approval of the manager or resource manager in case if it is enabled.
  • Email notification on booking / cancellation to user, resource manager, user’s manager.
  • Recurring booking
  • Identify how many hours a room is empty and calculate the cost of unoccupied space.
  • Find trends in room usage, such as who is using the space, for what types of meetings, and for how long.
  • Can be used with Office 365 / SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint online.

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