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  • 1. Can I update / rename the Resource Categories ?

    Yes, as an admin, you can rename the Resource categories name as per your choice.

    1) First, go to System Settings tab, then select the Display name tab.

    2) Choose the Resource which you want to edit by checking one checkbox and click on Edit button.

    3) Once the pop-up opens, update the Resource category as your require and click on update button.

  • 2. How to book a new resource ?

    1) Before booking you can check the availability by going to Book Now tab first and click on Check Availability.

    2) Once the pop-up opens, you can find booked and available resources with date and time.

    3) Click on close icon once you choose the date and time for booking a resource.

    4) In New tab column fill-in the details of the Resources and click on submit button.

  • 3. Where to check current bookings of the resources and update the resource ?

    1) Go to Book Now tab, in Upcoming Bookings tab, you can check the currently booked resources.

    2) Select the booked resource you want edit and click on edit button.

    3) Once the pop-up opens, update the details you want and click on Update button.

  • 4. Where can I check previously booked resources ?

    You can check your booking history booked from 3 months in Booking History tab.

  • 5. Can I set a date format in the application ?

    Yes, we can add a date format in the application.

    1) First go to System settings tab, then click on Settings tab.

    2) Once pop-up opens select the date format and click on submit button.

  • 6. How can I update employees roles using Resource Booking Plus application ?

    1) First select System Settings tab and click on User Roles in the drop-down.

    2) Select the user for whom you want to change the User Roles and click on Edit User Roles button.

    3) Once the pop-up opens choose the User roles from the drop-down and click on submit button.

  • 7. How to change theme color in Resource Booking Plus application ?

    In settings, choose the Pre-defined Themes or you can define your Custom Themes in the Settings pop-up.

  • 8. Is it required to setup any SharePoint level settings for time zone ?

    Yes it is required to setup time zone of your country in the SharePoint regional settings.

  • 9. Can i able to book whole day of the resource working hours ?

    Yes, we can book whole day event of the resources in the Book Now, New button tab.
    Select the All Day Event checkbox.

  • 10. How can I book resource for same day and time in next week or next month within a same action ?

    Resources can be booked for the same day and time and can be set with recurrences for next coming weeks or months.

    1) First go to Book now tab. Click on New button.

    2) Once the New tab opens, select the Recurrence checkbox, and select recurrence to be occurred on weekly or monthly bases and end after how many occurrences.


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