Features of the SharePoint Resource Booking Application

  • Admin can categorize various resources of same type under different categories.
  • Ability to name different categories as per the need.
  • Link the resources with Asset Management System.
  • Filter available meeting rooms by location, available resources and services, and more.
  • Be alerted if some or all requested dates and times can be accommodated for recurring meetings.
  • Browse and view a list of meetings currently happening.
  • Email Alerts 15 / 30 minutes before start of the event.
  • Cancellation of the booked resources.

Office 365 Payroll Management’s Features

  • Integration with employee directory to fetch all the relevant information related to user and administrator of the resource.
  • Approval of the manager or resource manager in case if it is enabled.
  • Email notification on booking / cancellation to user, resource manager, user’s manager.
  • Recurring booking
  • Identify how many hours a room is empty and calculate the cost of unoccupied space.
  • Find trends in room usage, such as who is using the space, for what types of meetings, and for how long.
  • Can be used with Office 365 / SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint online.

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