Performance Management Plus

Your teams drive your business. Drive productivity and engagement of employees for outstanding business results with Performance Management Plus for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. The quality reviews enhance your employees’ performance. With HR365’s Performance Management Plus, you can have 360-degree, continuous feedback system & 1:1 to evaluate employees with customized performance appraisal methods.

Identify high performers and employees to be trained for desired results. Set goals, gather feedback, continuous feedback and review performance. Bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be.

Highly customizable and configurable App

Client-specific customizations using SharePoint features and workflows to meet your unique requirements.

Retain top talent and train the potentials

Get the right people on board with our Recruitment Management System , develop and retain them with a system that supports the hiring process, onboarding, continued learning, and succession

Leverage Power BI with seamless Integration

Business intelligence and analytics for your executives, managers, and HR with Microsoft Power BI and HR365.

Designed to suit your need

Adaptable software,  personalized implementation that create a perfect fit either as part of complete HR365 HRMS or individual module as Performance Management Plus

Increases employee engagement

Keep employees motivated and focused on organizational growth and generate a positive, healthy company culture.

Secure access based on pre-defined roles

Multi-level security and permissions based on Active Directory / SharePoint users and organizational structure.

Transparency with data support always

Get analytical insights for better management decisions through customizable reports, charts, and BI dashboards, creating full business transparency with HR document management

Improve efficiency of HR team

Increase focus on development, engagement, and compliance by automating daily routines and creating more time for complex tasks.

Integration with Microsoft365 and Active Directory

Single sign-on, and data integration with Office 365 and/or Active Directory users

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