Workplace Modernization

Workplace modernization is one of the most vibrant trends in today’s corporate environment. When we push ourselves some time in history, the term of workplace modernization only meant for using the latest and upgraded software in the company; however, now the boundaries and its scope is much broader than ever. Harmonious/ flawless communication, effective and efficient collaboration, data-driven decision-making capabilities, and remote working are all characteristics of a modern workplace.

A modern workplace is equipped with all the latest tools and software including M365, MS Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, and so on., that help boost teamwork and collaboration to effectively execute any task within the organization.

At Cubic, we evaluate and absorb your modernization requirements and deploy the necessary expertise to provide a modern workplace experience.

Transform legacy business app through technology & become more productive & efficient.

We at Cubic, offer an extensive range of web application modernization consulting services. Our expert team assists and involve themselves in the modification of custom applications in various domains to keep up the business with the times and effectively reach’s the targeted goals. We do not just stick to the traditional market practices or the usual software development process, however, we deep drive on the analyses of our client’s business reach & target audiences, required to divert the business towards uplifting the success & beaten the track of modernization.

Deriving maximum value from technology investments is requirement of the organization and we deliver it by thorough analyze & investigate the business application code, its infrastructure legacy, extract requirements and deliver in-depth guidance on the advancements. 

Automate business processes.

Our workflow & process automation gives businesses the required solutions and toolsets to implement the operational vision of how the project can be completed in multiple ways. Our team aids with software that allow employees and systems to work in in tandemly across boundaries – moreover execute the strategic vision for a streamlined process, repeatable action management, reliable performance delivery, and verifiable automated processes. Business process workflow supportive technology reduces the friction between systems and employees in turns performs all tasks optimally.

The technologies can help employees to work within the existing digital environment with a better experience.


Solution Development

C#, Dot NET Framework, Asp.NET, React JS, Angular JS & Node JS

Azure Platform, Bot Framework, SharePoint & MS Teams

SQL Server, Dataverse & Mongo DB

Power Platform

Power Apps – Canvas Apps, Model Driven Apps. Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Power BI Azure bot services, Low-Code Development

State of the Art Technologies

Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Data Intelligence, Big Data Analytics. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Some of our clients

Some of Our Clients

Connect Custom Applications with your other apps

Bespoke software can be used for company-specific solutions such as internal process automation and support for key business processes. Examples include applications used to manage content, inventory, communication with customers, and human resources processes. A tailored approach is often used at companies undergoing digital transformation. A careful examination of the business model needs is followed by the custom software development that can improve the overall efficiency, bring down costs, and boost business growth.

An individual approach is the most important key: well, every company is different, moreover with its unique needs, opportunities, and advantages. Custom software developed with only the organization business outcomes in mind could help them satisfy users, improve communication, increase productivity, and tap into your company’s hidden value.

• Research: We have inhouse expert team moreover, we assemble a team of experts to help organization deliver their goals.

• Scoping session: Our team partners with the organization to effectively shape their business idea.

• Project set-up: We ensure that organizations project has the tools and processes needed for success.

• Project kick-off: We work with organization to build intelligent, ready to use with customized software that strengthens organizations business.

Yes, you can install multiple instances of the application as long as it is in one Microsoft 365 tenant and total number of users of all the instances installed remain within the user limit as per your plan or license you purchased.

An application’s scalability is the potential of an application to grow over time and its ability to efficiently handle more requests per minute (RPM). It’s not just a simple tweak you can turn on or off; it’s a long-time process that touches almost every single item in your stack, including both the hardware and software sides of the system.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain competitive without digitizing business processes. However, not every software solution will benefit your business. Off-the-shelf software tools are often inadequate and require you to make sacrifices or changes to internal operations. They either offer too few features or, conversely, they give you too many unnecessary options, which means that employees often dislike them.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with a business too unique or disruptive for run-of-the-mill software to be of use, bespoke solutions are the way forward. Taking the leap can have a huge positive impact on your company’s efficiency, the quality of service you deliver to customers, and employee satisfaction. If you have an innovative idea that could bring change to your market, building custom software to support it is the right choice. Whether you work in real estate, banking, tourism, commerce, or any other industry, digital solutions developed specifically for your needs can help to propel you ahead of the competition.

Examples of bespoke software include the following:

• Custom software built specifically for a company or organization to meet their unique needs and requirements.

• Software that is tailored to the individual user, based on their specific preferences and habits.

• Software that is created through a custom-design process, rather than using off-the-shelf software templates or pre-existing codebases.

• Software that is built by hand, rather than using automated tools or scripts.

• Software that is developed in close collaboration with the end users, to ensure that it meets their exact needs and requirements.

There are many purposes of custom application or bespoke software, but some of the most common include the following:

• The software is specifically tailored to meet the needs of a particular business or organization. This can include features that are unique to that company or organization, as well as customized workflows and processes that are specific to their operations.

• The software is designed to solve a particular problem or address a specific need that is not currently being met by off-the-shelf software.

• The software is created to fill a gap in the market for a certain type of specialized software application.

• The software is developed to meet the specific requirements of a customer who has unique needs.