Cloud Asset Management – Asset Management Plus

IT asset management cloud based: Know your assets, location, usage, cost, life, renewals of services in couple of clicks and automates your asset’s lifecycles. Sharepoint physical asset tracking & computer asset management system SharePoint tracks the cost, location, status, inventory, expiry or renewal of physical and IT assets, throughout their lifecycle. Once an asset is assigned or deployed, this it asset management software records all activities and provides you regular updates, reports up to life cycle once asset is retired.

Office 365 asset management / Sharepoint physical asset tracking solution which is not only fixed asset management and tracking system but manages contracts and service agreements. With this cloud asset management software, know and control your assets to enable better decisions, plus optimize asset lifecycle investments to deliver better IT services. Reduce asset costs and automate asset lifecycle processes to minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks. Mitigate risk with proven notifications of renewals, enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements. Generally asset tracking software cloud based, comes with external clouds, Asset management Plus is Office / SharePoint based it asset management software.