Asset Management Plus FAQs

1. How to assign asset ?

  1. Click on add asset
  2. You can see all the inventory listed.
  3. You can select the user to whom you want to assign the asset to and click on assign.
  4. Similar way you can return the asset.

2. How to show the selected columns ?

You can select the scripted columns and show it accordingly.

3. How to re-order the columns ?

  1. Open the screenshot and drag up or down as per your choice.

4. How to add an asset ?

  1. Asset id will be automatically generated
  2. You can give asset name of your choice, pre-validated categories and sub-categories will come, categories is mandatory, other fields are not mandatory.
  3. Vendor name and asset type you can select as per your choice. With asset type selection, you will get the other fields populated as start date and end date or if it the asset type is own, you will gt purchase date and expiry date.
  4. You can fill out the life-cycle expiry date, and assign own group is the mandatory field to send alerts about expiry of the asset. You can disable the notification for this asset if you wish to.

5. How to add custom fields ?

  1. If you want to add few more fields.
  2. You can select one column and click on update column and rename it from the default column name from column 1 column 2 as per your choice.
  3. This column will appear in reports page.

6. How to disable asset expiry notification for a particular assets ?

  1. Go to add asset
  2. Select the asset and click on edit
  3. Choose disable notification

7. How to turn off auto-reminders ?

If the reminder is turned-on, then you can switch it off or visa versa.

8. How to add multiple assets ?

With this, do not fill serial number then click on add multiple.

9. How to change the reminders ?

  1.  You can configure 3 levels of reminders.

a. First go to ‘ Settings’, then ‘Email Notification’.

b. Set 3 reminders as per your choice

2. You can check the number of days before the expiry date.

10. How to get logs of previously assigned assets ?

  1. Click on Asset Track.
  2. Select the asset, it will show when it was assigned and when it was returned it back

11. How to change currency of Asset management ?

You can select currency of your choice and move on.

12. How to return an asset ?

Select the asset that you want to return and click on return.

13. How to add category, vendor & project ?

  1. Click on new project. It will navigate to the pop-up page
  2. And add your project title and click on add button.
  3. Similar way, you can add your vendor and category also.

14. How the asset report works ?

  1. You can select the diiferent filters of start date, end date purchase date, expiry date and price range.
  2. Based on filters, all the reports will be filtered accordingly, and the same data can be exported. You can apply date filer also.

15. How to assign user roles ?

  1. Initially all the users are assigned with no access rule.
  2. You can select user or admin accordingly.
  3. Number of users or admins selected will be counted towards total license available for the application.

16. How to add a sub-category ?

  1. Please select the category first and then type a new sub-category.